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00:00 教会の発表 07:50 ブリトニー・グリナーの自宅とデリック・ジャックスン AINT 22:30 デリック・ジャックスンが離婚 ​​39:50 TikTok のために看護師をクビ 55:54 ジェネイ・アイコが子守唄アルバムを作成! 01:03:33 Jennifer Lawrence は Hot Water で 60 日間の無料試用版を入手してください ShipStation がショーを後援してくれたことに感謝します! Kevonstage Studios アプリを購読して、プレミアムの完全なエピソードを視聴してください。 .com www.kevonstage.com で kev の詳細を確認してください。

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Brittney Griner home and Derrick Jaxn AINT | #heresthething
Brittney Griner home and Derrick Jaxn AINT | #heresthething



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#Brittney #Griner #home #Derrick #Jaxn #AINT #heresthething。

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Brittney Griner home and Derrick Jaxn AINT | #heresthething。

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46 thoughts on “Brittney Griner home and Derrick Jaxn AINT | #heresthething | 一般的に関連するコンテンツhere is the thing最も詳細な

  1. RS RS says:

    Wow… I could have lived forever & never heard of this crown phone s*x scandal call. So disgusting but yall made it so funny 🤣🤣🤣 THAT CHICK ANGEL 🤣 KEVS accent 😭

  2. peepieicu says:

    Champagne bout took Joshy out!!! 🎬🦋👗🛠️📸🍞🏎️👼🏽♥️
    Rewatch gang cause I cant see watch, listen, read comments and interact with the Krew, during the live 😁

  3. Z Henry says:

    I like when people voice their ignorance/opinions because it shows you where they stand, how they think and it's done in the light, so we don't have to guess about their TRUE feelings. Per example, those nurses that made the tik tok video. They sabotaged themselves by their ignorance, well done🤦🏽‍♀️!

  4. her_kings_queen says:

    I think they could've thrown Derrick Jaxn in, as part of the prisoner swap….trade two get him for free 🤷 lmao, "dutchess flow…give ur period, the royal treatment" 🤣😂 Lmao…."you got nicccca's who love you" facts, we are here to watch Baby Joshy grow, lol! Y'all are hilarious…

  5. Zakiya Dorsey says:

    Ridiculous about those Emory nurses. I had both of my kids there and ironically my Labor & Delivery nurses were great but my recovery nurses were terrible. Now I'm thinking they were probably talking s*!t. So sad 😞.

  6. Kalisha Miller says:

    🤣🤣🤣 My mother gave me a first name nickname. A lady joined our church and thought that was my name I was almost a teenager when she finally got my name right. Outside of my mother she was the only other person who I let call me by that name.

  7. An Officially Dead Channel says:

    Piece it together:

    He’s a national of 4 countries, and was born in Canada.

    He was released on bad conduct, instead of being dishonorably discharged for trying to steal 10k, among other lesser crimes. He was definitely in enough trouble to be dishonorably discharged with those crimes, but I highly doubt he was ever in trouble. The government plucked him to use him as a spy. A dishonorable discharge would bring too much attention to him.

    He was hired as HEAD OF GLOBAL SECURITY for a major company like BorgWarner.

    He got caught red-handed with Russian intel on a flash drive. He claimed he thought there were photos on it… he was there to attend a friend’s wedding… come on, bruh. Horrible cover story.

    He got sentenced for 16 years in a Russian prison for doing work for the American government. My opinion? He’s only alive because we had Viktor Bout here. They were waiting for the trade to happen, but because Brittney went over there and did something extremely stupid, Russia got a layup. Pun intended. The trade wouldn’t have been even with Whelon and Bout, but it would’ve made way more sense given both guys’ position.

    Whelon even wanted to come back to America to serve his sentence. And the reason for that was because he knew he wasn’t going to serve any time. Putin is evil, but he’s not dumb.

    Brittney deserved to be home. 100%

    But we can’t sit here and pretend like Whelon doesn’t also deserve to be home.

    They both got caught doing a crime, but one of them was committing a crime for our country, while the other was just dumb.

    I’m glad she’s home, man, but I’m not glad she’s home INSTEAD of Paul. They should both be here.

  8. Jamilla Bailey says:

    he found a god fearing woman, cheated and said he was going to turn to god for guidance and she went as deep into it as someone could be to try to save her marriage. and she lost herself


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