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C# Lists and Dictionaries in Unity! - Intermediate Scripting Tutorial
C# Lists and Dictionaries in Unity! – Intermediate Scripting Tutorial

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C# Lists and Dictionaries in Unity! – Intermediate Scripting Tutorial。

unity list。

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33 thoughts on “C# Lists and Dictionaries in Unity! – Intermediate Scripting Tutorial | 関連ドキュメントの概要unity list最も詳細な

  1. MRB says:

    Is there a way to add multiple things to a list like adding 20 items in one line or do i just have to repeat that line 20 times?

  2. John Smith says:

    The object that it's being called from is greater than the object taken as a parameter… OMG! You're draining me.
    What the CompareTo function does is compare two values. End of sentence!!!!!
    The values it's comparing are… then another end of sentence.
    What you're doing is overwhelming me with information.
    Information that I can't attribute a feeling to because the words have no context outside of your own, in your head.
    So I'm not getting a sense of what you're saying.
    Not unless I dissect, analyze, take the time to compare what you're saying to some notion I already have. That takes time.
    It's like I don't have the CODEC that would decipher your coded language so I have to Google every term you're using.
    A roughly 6 minute video takes an hour or more to wrap my head around. This isn't useful! GD it

  3. John Smith says:

    This can be used to order a list of a given type by any variable of that type.
    Okay, I have a joke for you…
    Who's on first, what's on second, they're on third.
    Listen, if you want to teach something to someone you speak clearly, slowly, relate the information to something they already know.
    I've had to repeat this sentence I wrote at the top several times and it still makes no sense.
    Bla balbnbap;hbalbfodlajfkjosahfgoasjfjhaglksadjfohlblab blabl balbal ablbla bla bla bla.
    That's what I understand.
    Thanks a lot. You don't have an aptitude to teach.
    Please hand over the reins to someone who does.

  4. Death Strike Gaming says:

    To be fair this should be called C# Generics also system is by default in the using of c# .NET 6.0 and does not need to be declared this is why it is greyed out in your example and is only required for .net 5.0 and bellow.

  5. Partum Orbis says:

    Can you help please?

    I'm making a serializable list "picInfo", and want to have 3 PicsInfo 'items' set within the script. is it possible?

    public class PicInfo

    public List<PicsInfo> PicsInfo = new List<PicsInfo>();



    public class PicsInfo


    public string PicLeft;

    public string PicRight;

    public string PicBottom;


    public class Name : MonoBehaviour
    [SerializeField] public PicInfo PicInfo;

  6. TheNamesJT says:

    yep there is no way I'm going to know when to use a list or dictionaries for game ideas which these tutorials showed real game examples using free assets or the free unity game projects to demonstrate…

  7. Interceptor says:

    So you're a tough script,
    Like it really rought script,
    Just can't get enough script,
    Function always puff script,
    I'm that bad code,
    Make your mama sad code,
    Make your PC mad tight,
    Might seduce your dad script,
    I'm the baaaaad script, duh.

  8. SqueeSr says:

    When considering a List, consider what you are using it for. A HashSet is in functionality somewhat limited compared to a list but in certain situations can offer a nice performance boost. From msdn: "The HashSet<T> class provides high-performance set operations. A set is a collection that contains no duplicate elements, and whose elements are in no particular order."

    Also keep in mind that all generic collections cost extra cpu time compared to a basic arrays or self written linked list solution. These classes are great for developing, but keep in mind if you have a performance sensitive situations that removing the need to use them and writing non-generic code can really help performance.

  9. Jason Storey says:

    So you made a unity tutorial about dictionaries and left out the most salient point about them, the fact they don't serialize in unity and will not show up in the inspector. Either you are aiming this at beginners for who that disparity in behavior will be confusing or you expect them to understand that but not what a key or sort function is.

  10. MechanicallyDev says:

    Wait… But aren't dictionaries datatype being deprecated on the new ECS for better performance? I love using dictionaries datatypes for localization, and I thought I would need something else. 🤨🤔

  11. Omar Alkaley says:

    sorry but why did you create the function which called "CompareTo" without using it at all?
    and please where can i find more effecient information about Dictionaries


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